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Interested in becoming an Agent? It is easy and fast! Please call 604-732-8777 or our Toll-Free number 1-866-827-8586. You can also send an e-mail to We would be glad to hear from you.

Refund Policy

Family Express shall refund the amount sent to the client if the recipient has not received the funds. Transfer fees will not be refunded to the client as service has been rendered at the time the transaction is completed.

If the client chooses to cancel the transaction that has not been processed or sent, it will automatically be credited back to the Client's Family Express Account. If the client decides not to use the available credit for future transactions, the client will just click the refund button to have the funds credited back to their bank account.

Family Express will not be responsible for delay of money due to incorrect information submitted by the sender or the unavailability, incapacity or refusal of recipient to receive remittance. Family Express will also not be responsible for delay of money due to fortuitous events, power failure, system maintenance, and off-line situations of our correspondents in the Philippines.

After 60 days, claims and complaints will be accepted at our option.

For other concerns or queries regarding our refund policy, please Contact Us.